Pondering among
my thoughts of beginning of new journey with new bucket of expectations simultaneously
bearing a pain of separation again with an urge to make my parents proud &
feel better, when suddenly a lady with an announcement of coming train on
platform 3 made me realize that I was waiting from my train to come. I found
that my mom whispered that my train was about to come and again my face rested
on her shoulder with my father patting on my back with instructions floating
all round.

Finally boarded
on Weekly express to a town printed on my appointment letter with my colleague
(got selected in same campus). Something which disappointed me was the grass on
a platform of my destination. I was forced to think that am I in a village or I
have got down on a wrong station. Sarcastically, it was nothing less than a
jungle with trees all round and blessed with a station.

As usual auto
drivers running here and there to get a passenger to make their first earning
for a day, which we says boni in Hindi. It seems as if passengers are out for
sale, whoever grabs could more be Richie rich. It is all same everywhere in India.

from the vehicle arrangement made by HR forced us to hire an auto. You won’t
believe they charged us 400 INR for the journey from station to plant (17 km
away, at that time we hardly knew about the distance). Cool breeze of November
month passing by our ears, making us tremble and we were trying to cover each
part of our body inside the sweater. As soon as we reached the plant entrance,
we found the 40m approx. long flag post acting as a 4-way diverter with a flag fluttering
in a breeze made us feel a sense of patriotism.

Finally dropped
all our bags to our respective room and went to a bed, while disturbing our
seniors by banging the door by mistake.

After a nap,
will tell you about a 1st day of Job. Bye bye…



  1. puneeta · June 3, 2013

    Keep up the good work…….. Good to see that your experience was same as mine…….


  2. Jitesh K Mishra · July 1, 2013

    Very Good Dear Ashis


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