5 states – 1union territoy – 4 Months still not enough…

Walking through a different path of life of which I only dream. Actually I m not just walking, I m running..

I always dream of visiting new places, new people, new culture, last but not least food as usual. For a person like me food would be the first preference for visiting that place. But no doubt nature has always amazed me with its so many different features.

I must thank GOD for endowing me with eyes to view the beauty of nature. It is really amazing, incredible etc..

Gujarat – Rajasthan – Haryana – Punjab – Delhi – Uttar Pradesh

Five states and a union territory, four months, hundreds of people, hundred life stories, and multiple types of food in multiple states. Joy of expressing the happiness of being with these people would give be me another chance for being happy.

But for sure I have learnt that you are not the only one who suffers. There are many people around you who suffer a lot without expressing a single word of pain.

In my incredible India, I find no stranger till they hurt me…that what the way makes me comfortable with the people, changing my ascent from person to person. Cracking jokes on politician to discussion on Delhi government with endless topics and talks with auto drivers, dabhawalas, staff boy etc. never made me exceptional or odd one out but these people always try their best to provide you with all comfort.

All that matters is the hospitality taken care by all the people I met in this juncture of 4 months which never allowed me to complain.

Thats what we tell in true spirit “Atithi Devo Bavo” (Guest is God)


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