Bhopal Gas Tragedy – Wound that left uncured

Dec. 3, 1984, an unforgettable date for the people of Bhopal. The capital city turned to graveyard. Even after 29 years of tragedy, sparks seems to alive in the heart of localites.

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Large amounts of water entered a tank at the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal, India. That water reacted with the 42 tons of methyl isocyanate inside, raising temperature and pressure so high that it began venting massive amounts of gas made up of methyl isocyanate, phosgene, hydrogen cyanide and more. The poisonous cloud swept through neighborhoods near the boundary wall, waking sleeping residents with burning throats and eyes, killing about 4,000 people in the first few hours.

Death toll raised from thousand to lakhs and few which saved their life by the mercy of God were prone to different paralysis.

Today, settlements near this haunted union carbide factory is a part of Old Bhopal.

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I still remembered few facts shared by an auto-rickshaw driver which are as follows:-

Fact 1: People who continue to sleep on land till morning were able to continue to live till date. Because poisonous gas slightly lighter and was moving a meter above the ground level and thereby took away the life of people sleeping on bed.

Fact 2: Women with a child ran to save life of both but after running away few miles, she realized that baby is missing and died with a mixture of poisonous gas and sorrow of losing her baby.

Fact 3: Mr. Warren Anderson, chairman of Union Carbide Corporation of the US, declared as absconder & didn’t face trial and enjoying their piece of bread in a cool and calm environment. However, 8 people were convicted in 2010 by Bhopal court. But non-conviction of Mr. Anderson is a justice forgone which could still be seen in the eyes auto rickshaw driver, witnessed the gas tragedy.

Finally, Indian government could not provide justice to the people of Bhopal, neither in terms of rehabilitation nor money.


BHOPAL – The City of Lakes

BHOPAL - The City of Lakes

More than 25,000 feet above sea level; from the sky, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh – Bhopal seems to be a one of the oldest city of a country with a minimum sign of development as compared to other capital city (Later realized that was Old Bhopal). Landed by 11:35 am from Jet airways flight in a scorching sun, eyes felt shunted and but still sweat was missing. Luckily, no time was wasted at baggage belt because my baggage was the only one deposited for special privilege.

Ashok greeted me with a smile, to pick me from airport, part of services provided by Amer Green hotel. While moving towards my destination, came across the peaceful and less crowded traffic. When I was lost in the beauty of a such a big lake in the middle of the city or whole city on stones beside the lake, Ashok reminded me that this city was known for lakes ie. city of lakes, which shackled my knowledge of secondary school..and I regretted for forgetting this fact.

I was suggested by many to visit the panoramic lake view of few lakes, but without making any sense I ignored their suggestion by saying that those places are made for couples and lovers, not for bachelors and singles.

I was wrong; I visited lake view on the last day of my tour to Bhopal and realized that I have missed the best part of the city. I was pondering here and there for nature’s beauty whereas I was near to it. Bestowed my soul in the arms of nature to feel the freshness and serenity of a breeze blowing across the lake. After a 2 weeks of discontent work, I could not find better place than this; where I could restore peace to my brain, which was hanged up with continuous analysis among the figures.

I must appreciate the efforts of MP tourism for development, maintenance and restoring the beauty of lakes. Well kind of arrangements were made for the generation of revenue by using the water for entertainment. Multiple paddle boats, speed boats and single cruise were available to amuse yourself between swallow water. I and Pankaj (my colleage) thought for spending more time on boat to enjoy the breeze, for which we opt for cruise which would allow us to stay on boat for 45 mins.

Charged up our mobile for catching the nature’s beauty on device and with stomach full got on the cruise. Cruise left the deck within 15 mins of arrival and music was on. I can’t stop my feets from moving with the rhythm of beats. We moved to lower deck for space and started dancing. Suddenly we realized that we became centre of attraction for the people around us and soon a troop of four girls joined us for the same cause and later on whole young crowd was on lower deck.

Finally that was the last night in the city of lakes and said good-bye.