A letter of a son to his parents


Hi Mummy Papa,

I feel really helpless in expressing my feeling while writing this letter. I don’t remember how I felt when I first saw you and you greeted me in your arms. I feel really blessed being with you. I still remember you get me new milk bottle from your hard earned penny whenever I lost it. You get me all comfort since my birth without any ache. My eyes were always in confusion to follow whom – One you who always backed for honesty and good faith and other side dishonest and coward people who always try to muddle our happiness. I always try to be bad but my blood never allowed me to be. It was all your values and manner that I inherited from you which makes me proud for being so.

I was neither a topper nor a good student in school that would have differentiated you from other parents but you always felt me special among the relatives and colleagues. Even today where I stand is all your efforts and good deeds. You never let me know about happenings with you so that I can concentrate in my studies. I still remember the day when I became CA; your eyes where filled with tears of joy. Whenever I returned to town, you always made me felt like winner and greeted me with your relentless love and mouth-watering favorite food.

You have done innumerable things for me before I asked for and it’s my turn. I promise to be with you, for you and by you.

Your beloved son


One comment

  1. Pankaj Agarwal · July 13, 2014

    bhai isko to ghar par post kar, yeha kyu chipka reha hai 😛 😉


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